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Holden Financial Consultants

has over 33 years experience in the financial sector and is here to work on your behalf to find the best deal for whatever type of mortgage you are looking for and the protection that goes with it. We take the stress of mortgage sourcing away from you by offering;

  • Fee Free advice.
  • Expert advice on mortgage and protection from across the market.
  • Access to exclusive rates not available on the high street.
  • Evening appointments in the comfort of your own home.
  • We can also get you competitive rates on the required legal work.

Finding a mortgage is a time consuming and stressful process, so give Kevin a call to discuss your needs and let him take the stress out of the process...

What we do

Find you the best deal to suite your needs

Whether you are first time buyer or moving up the property ladder, re-mortgaging or purchasing a buy-to-let, getting the right mortgage can be stressful and time consuming. Here at Holden Financial – Kevin Williamson with over 33 years’ experience in the financial sector arranging all types of mortgage will strive to make this process run as smoothly as possible. We provide a fee free service which means you could save up to £500.00 as most mortgage advisors will charge you an arrangement fee of up to this amount.

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What next?

Having found a property the next step is to secure a mortgage. At this stage estate agents will require an AIP (Agreement in Principal) sometimes before they will even put an offer forward to their vendor. We can meet you to arrange this and liaise with the Estate Agent on your behalf. Once the sale has been agreed we will complete the mortgage application and submit it to the lender. From this point we will ensure that the mortgage offer is produced as speedily as possible and keep in touch with your Estate Agent and Solicitor at this crucial time, right through to completion.



Having arranged your mortgage enabling you to by your property, the next step is to make sure that you don’t lose it due to either redundancy, illness or death. We will ensure that in the event of any of the above you will not have any financial worries- always being able to pay your mortgage. We can arrange the following:

  • Income protection
  • Life Assurance
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Redundancy Cover
  • Buildings and Contents Cover

Again this service is provided to you fee free.

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What we can arrange for you.

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Holden Financial will meet you in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you, evenings included, to establish your mortgage requirements. We will then research all of the lenders and make a recommendation to you as to which mortgage best suits your circumstances . Having agreed the recommendation we will submit the application to the lender ensuring that the mortgage offer is produced as speedily as possible.

Who pays Holden Financial for this service?
The good news is NOT you. We receive payment from the lender for introducing a mortgage to them. We do NOT charge you anything our service to you is completely FREE.

Rest assured that you are in safe hands with us.

Note: Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) does not regulate some forms of mortgages.

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We can arrange mortgages for,

  • First time buyers
  • Buy-to-Let
  • Remortgages
  • Self Employed
  • Company Directors
  • Commerical
  • Debt Consolidation

So why wait? Give us a call, what have you got to lose?

Tel: 07711-696-962

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Protecting Your Home

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance can pay your dependents a lump sum or regular payments in the event of your death.
Term life insurance Policies – run for a fixed period of time such as 5, 10 or 25 years. These kind of policies only pay out if you die during the term covered on the policy. A Whole of Life policy will pay out no matter when you die, as long as you keep up with your premiums.

So here’s the question do you need Life Insurance?
If you have dependants – such as school age children, a partner who relies on your income or a family living in a house with a mortgage that you pay – a life insurance policy can provide for them if you die.
You can’t rely on the government to take care of your family – the money they would get from the state is much lower than you’d probably expect. If you want to provide for your family financially if you die then Life Insurance is a must.

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Critical illness cover

What is Critical illness cover?

Critical illness cover is a long-term insurance policy where you will get a tax-free ‘lump sum’ a one off payment or regular income if you were to be diagnosed with one of the serious illnesses covered by your insurance policy. Its designed to pay off your mortgage, debts or pay for alterations to your home should you need it. **

will pay out if you get one of the specific medicial conditions or injuries listed on the policy. Not all conditions are cover but the policy will specify how serious the condition must be. Below are some examples;

  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Certain types and states or Cancer.
  • Conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis.

we are likely to get a Critical Illness before we die, this could leave you and your family in a very vunerable position. Taking out a Critical Illness policy will give you the peace of mind knowing that if the worse should happen your home will be safe and family taken care of. It’s a sad fact that we are likely to get a Critical Illness before we die, this could leave you and your family in a very vunerable position. Taking out a Critical Illness policy will give you the peace of mind knowing that if the worse should happen your home will be safe and family taken care of.

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Income Protection

What is income Protection?

Income Protection, formerly known as permanent health insurance PHI is a long term protection there to protect your income by paying out a monthly benefit should you be unable to work as a result of an accident or sickness. Payments can commence after however many months you need to suit your circumstances. The plan is usually designed to start paying an income when your employer stops paying you. This can be anything from 4 weeks to up to 52 weeks, our advisor will tailor the policy based on the information given by you with regards to your sick pay entitlement from your employer. Income protection usually pays out until retirement, death or your return to work. Income Protection doesn’t pay out if you’re made redundant but depending on the policy will often provide ‘back to work’ help if you’re off sick. Millions of us have policies like private medical insurance and payment protection insurance sold to us over the years by salespeople who convinced us we needed protecting However, whilst they were right about the protection, they were often wrong about the policies. Simply put, if you had a machine that paid out an income every month, would you insure it in case it broke down? Of course you would and that machine is YOU.The one protection policy every working adult in the UK should consider is the very one most of us don’t have – Income Protection.

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As you can see

Insurances are a must to protect you, your family and your home.

You can’t put a price on peace of mind.


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